Under Armour x ASOS

Motion Graphics and video editing for the Under Armour IsoChill campaign produced with Byte (now DEPT®) creative team. The aim was to raise awareness and consideration of the Under Armour brand and their IsoChill technologies to “focused performer” women on ASOS’ paid social channels in the UK.

Youtube True View – Awareness
IG/FB/Snap Story – Awareness
Youtube Bumper – Consideration
IG/FB/Snap Infeed – Consideration
IG/FB/Snap Story – Consideration
TikTok InFeed – Consideration


Ana Pedro is a London based designer specialised in 2D Motion Graphics, animation, video editing, digital design, branding and art direction. With ten years of experience, her go to design approach is to communicate impactful and positive messages through concept, storytelling and experimentation.

In parallel to her design practices she collaborates with photographers in editorial productions and also takes part in the art direction of music videos and music related events with Jeff presents.

Previous clients include Threads Styling, Depop, ASOS, Spotify, MADE.com, Hearst magazines, Charlotte Tilbury, Google, eBay, Trainline, Zoopla, Meta, TikTok, Tinder, Twitch, Hotel Chocolat, Just Eat, Boden, Selfridges, We Hate Pink, IKEA, Walt Disney, Smart, Volkswagen Group, Bacardi Limited, The Economist and Virgin.